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Welcome to the Town of Mashpee's Local Comprehensive Plan website.

This process is headed up by the Town of Mashpee Planning Department and is guided by the Planning Board. In the planning process, we will look at historic trends, new data, and projections for the future. We will also ask for public input through in-person workshops, online surveys, and focused discussions on key topics. Please return to this site for updates or sign up to receive our email newsletter!

Interested in learning more? See our FAQ and Public Engagement Flyer.

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The Planning Department invites you to participate in this Community Opinion Survey designed to further define priority action items in the Local Comprehensive Plan update. This survey comes at the tail end of our community engagement efforts that were launched last April and will contribute to the Town's vision of the future and its goals, policies and actions that will be carried through from the 1998 Local Comprehensive Plan into this update and any new goals, policies, and/or  actions that the community has identified throughout this process.


Your participation is vital. I encourage you to take this survey and distribute and share it among your friends and family who reside in Mashpee. We have worked hard to reduce the amount of time needed to take this survey without compromising the data to be gathered. Generally, this survey is taking folks approximately 20-25 minutes, some have taken upwards of 30+ minutes when investing more time in the open-ended responses. 


More than 600 people responded to the survey supporting the 1998 Local Comprehensive Plan. The population at that time was approximately 50% what it is today. With that it is our goal to, at a minimum, see at least 1,000 responses to this survey. Help us reach that goal by sharing this far and wide and assisting residents take it who may need it. 


There are paper copies of this survey available at the Senior Center and also at the Mashpee Public Library for those who prefer to take this in hardcopy. 


The survey will remain open through the month of December and will close on January 6, 2022. While you are home with friends and families for the holidays make this an activity you share together in support of your community's future.

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miss a workshop?

You can review the workshop presentations and responses, and print off our takeaway worksheets so that your input can also be included. 

As always, you can also send worksheets, comments, and questions via email to


project timeline

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